Sunday, January 14, 2018

Key West Seafood Festival

Today, Sunday, was the last day of the Key West seafood festival so we decided to buzz over this afternoon and see what all the commotion was about.  With the temperature peaking at 62 degrees and a north wind of 17 mph, we arrived at the festival shivering and looking for something warm to eat.  There was no line at the conch chowder booth so we headed over only to find out that they had run out of bowls.  Conch fritters were flying off the shelf next door so we got a small basket of that to tide us over.  They were hot and tasty with the cocktail sauce and cut the edge off our hunger as the pig we ate yesterday had faded.   Milling around we found a small line at the gumbo shed but a lady came to us and said that they would probably run out by the time we got to the table.  Fortunately, we managed to get the bottom of the pot scrapings poured over a bed of rice.  Not the best gumbo but at least it was hot and practically free.  Don't get me wrong, there were several succulent seafood plates served at various booths but we were forging on the cheap.  Many unique craft items were on display and for sale but we were there to just look. Besides, we don't have any room on Viridian to put another item.  Satisfied we had sampled the festival of Key West, we got back on our rented scooter for the last time and buzzed back to the marina.  Tomorrow the scooter will be gone and exchanged for a couple of bicycles.  That's a little news and here are a few views.

 What would a festival be without one of these birds sitting on someone's shoulder?
This bird is 30 years old!!!

 Strips of salvaged hurricane plywood nailed to crab traps served as stand-up tables

 Tables and chairs under a covering for those who don't want to stand

What do you do when you can't find your long britches?

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