Friday, August 31, 2018

Architectural Tour Through Chicago

Today we took the Architectural Toure on the Chicago River.  A guide explained all the history and facts associated with most of the buildings.  We will be taking the Chicago River out of Chicago but now we will know more about the buildings we will be seeing for the second time.

Here are some views of Chicago from the Chicago River:

Carp are know to jump out of the water along the river when a boat passes through

Along the path to our toure boat

First in line for a rooftop seat

And we're off!

Nice for someone else to be doing the driving for a change

We can't remember any of the information we heard while on the toure but these are some of the buildings that were pointed out as interesting.and worth more than the land they are on.

The Boeing Store

The old Sears Building

World's biggest "you are here" map (see red dot)

Inside the 4th Presbyterian Church

Here's Sears

Fake Viridian Waters (they put orange die in the water to make this color)

Lunch at the Purple Pig Restaurant

Purple Pig





Where to start our shopping expedition?

This is a good as any

Cha Ching!