Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Signs of Going South

The crystal clear starry night slowly faded away as the next day rolled up with blue sky and thick low hanging fog.  We were anchored with Moni Jean and Sandman in Cooks Bend 60 river miles above Demopolis, AL.  When we detected tugs moving again with AIS, we knew the fog was lifting on the river, so we pulled in our anchors and idled back to the Tenn-Tom via the oxbow channel.  We met three tugs before lunch but didn't see or hear one for the rest of the day.  Sunshine filled the blue sky all day and the water was as smooth as a mirror.  As we moved south there were signs that we are getting closer and closer to the coast.  When we were kids our parents took us to the Gulf on vacation.  You knew you were getting closer to the ocean when Spanish moss could be seen hanging in the trees and the sides of the road were sand instead of dirt.  The sure sign that the ocean was near was seeing palm trees replacing pine trees.  So today we looked for some signs that we were getting closer to the ocean.

That's the news and here's the views:

We are here

Today's route from Cook's Upper Bend to Demopolis Yacht Basin, AL

First light at Cooks Upper Bend Anchorage


Let's GO!

Heading out

White Cliffs

Moni Jean

Sandman bringing up the rear

OK, one or two more barge pic.  Check out the pilot house jackedup in the air to see over the load 


Cypress Trees

Chai Tea

My sister in law, Molly, made George and I a big canister of Chai tea mix for our trip.  It has been a real treat!  It is so good made with milk or water and when we finish our canister, I will be making it again!

Here's the recipe:

This would make a great Christmas gift for those who like to give homemade goodies.  Not only does it taste wonderful but smells wonderful with all the warm spices.   

Monday, October 30, 2017

Another Day, Another Dam

After spending four nights at Columbus Marina, MS and making an overnight trip back home to attend a good friend's daughter's wedding in Huntsville, AL, Viridian departed this cold morning heading south towards Demopolis, AL.   We stopped after 59 miles and 8.5 hours of cruising in a place called Cooks Bend, the same place we stopped last Fall on our way north to Huntsville, AL.  There were a lot more homes along the shore than we have seen so far on the Tenn-Tom.

That's the news and here's the views:

We are here

Today's route from Columbus Marina, MS to Upper Cook's Bend Anchorage, AL

The Smiths, Schrenks and Sanders

Fun Wedding, Great Friends

Father and Daughter Dance

Sister Ship

A phone booth?

Totem Pole!

Visitors Center at Tom Bevill Lock

 Locking down at Tom Bevill

Promise, this is the last tug picture

Watching her watching us

Something's Cooking

 Anchors set for the night

Yummm!  Yes, we like spaghetti

Anchor Neighbors

Anchor Neighbors Sandman

Good Night  Moon!