Thursday, January 18, 2018

Marina Life as a Looper

Each day a new Looper boat arrives somewhere in Key West.  As members of AGLCA we are able to locate one another and plan a gathering either on someone's boat or at one of the marinas facilities.  The past several days the crew of Viridian has been performing some preventive maintenance on the boat, taking long walks along the shore of the Island, going to see a movie and hanging out with other boaters.  Also, we have been here long enough to start to get to know some of the locals and get a glimpse of what life is like for them living here in Key West.

We have about 13 days left here before we start our voyage north to Canada.  Some of the people we meet here will possibly be going the same time we do.  We will certainly meet other Loopers and local boaters along the way.  One thing is certain, the places we stay are sublime, but the people we share it with make it unforgettable.

That's the news now here are some views:

 Went to the Tropic Cinema to see the movie, "The Darkest Hour".

Custom Restrooms

 Back to The Hogfish with newly arrived Loopers and boaters

Satisfied Hogfish Customers

 We arrived a little early for the Looper gathering at The Galleon Marina in Key West

 Everyone brought what they wanted to grill and a potluck side dish

 Sharing War Stories

As you can see, it's cooler than normal for Key West, but nothing like what our friends and family are experiencing north of us

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  1. Hey Folks,
    We are a couple of Cannucks presently in Apollo Beach getting our new to us SMALL Tanzer 25 Sailboat "Chiron" Prep for departure toward the Key and the start of our journey on the Loop. Looking forward to meet you along the Way.

    Marcel & Rachelle