Sunday, October 22, 2017

Easy Day

After sleeping late the crew of Viridian didn't get in any hurry today leaving for our next destination.  Conversations over a cup of coffee on the dock with fellow Loopers followed by a brisk walk around the property filled the morning hours until we untied and slowly slipped away headed for Grand Harbor Marina in Yellow Creek in the state of Tennessee.  Our driver's license expired this month but we left Huntsville, AL before we got our permanent copy.  Thankfully, our son William is mailing them to us here at Grand Harbor Marina along with our annual property tax bill.  (Just can't untangle all the strings that tie us down).  We will stay here through Monday to get our mail and sit out some weather predicted to pass through.  Here are a few pictures we took on our cruise from Florence, AL to Grand Harbor Marina in TN.    

Florence Marina, AL

Viridian tied along the fuel dock in Florence, AL.  We used the generator and also got a nice break on dock fee.

TVA Colbert Steam Plant

Natchez Trace Bridge

Drive a Trawler?  No Prob!

There is a huge Tug in this picture

All tied up behind "Dash Away" (A Monk 36 Trawler) at Grand Harbor Marina

Grand Harbor Marina

Working on the blog

Saturday, October 21, 2017

What a Day!

To explain Day 2, you have to know that Wilson Lock is closed from 6AM to 6PM every day.  However, the Corps of Engineers finishes their repair work around 4:30 PM each day so that leaves some time for boats to lock through before dark.  22 Looper boats left Joe Wheeler at 11:00 AM and locked down through Wheeler and on to Wilson a few miles down river.  We got there early so we just drifted in the lake for a few hours waiting for the Lock Master to call for us to enter the lock.  One Looper "Slow-Hand", took it upon himself to organize all the boats so that order would happen and we could get safely through to our dock at Florence, AL before dark.  Here are a few pictures of our Day 2 adventure.

Locking at Wilson Dam

Viridian heading up to raft onto "Good Life" on Pin 3

Inside Joe Wheeler Lock rafted to "Good Life"

First Mates discussing rafting secrets

Back in open water on Wilson Lake

The Alabama Navy

Drifting on Lake Wilson

More drifting Loopers

Looking back at Wheeler Dam

Our port side neighbor at the rendezvous "Unruly"

Into Wilson Lock with 22 Looper Cruiser Boats and a home-made canoe

Nice boat!

All rafted up for the 95 foot trip down

Good example of Rafting in the lock

Canoe Man will be first to exit lock

Canoe Man held onto Viridian's port bow line as we descended.  He is on his way to Ft. Pierce, FL by way of the Tennessee and Tenn-Tom Waterway.

Wilson Lock Master had to make sure he got a photo of all these boats in his lock at the same time.

Arriving to lock up as the Loopers exited was the American Queen steamboat.  A busy day for Wilson Lock.

Smoke stacks down to clear bridge in narrow channel leading to Wilson Lock

Passing by

Viridian tied to a cleat along the fuel dock at Florence Marina.  We had on power but were glad to get secured before dark.  The restaurant here is a fun place to dine with killer blue cheese hamburgers and nice UNA students for waiters and waitresses.  I would show a picture of our meal but it was gone before we thought about it.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Birds Eye View

One of the fellow Loopers had a new toy and was flying it around the marina.  Here are a few pics from above.  See if you can find Viridian

Status Update:  Today (Thursday) is the last day of the Rendezvous.  Wilson Lock is closed every day from 6am to 6pm.  They are working with the Loopers going West and are offering the auxiliary lock starting at 4:30 pm only if several boats are organized and ready to lock through.  Wilson recommends one boat on each bollard with another boat rafted on.  It will be close to dark by the time everyone gets cleared and the only marina within reach is Florence marina.  They too are working with us to make sure we all can safely tie up over night so we can have a full day to get to where ever we are going the next day.  Also, looks like some weather coming in Sunday-Monday.  Since we are in no hurry we have a few options: stay where we are a few days or lock down with a group on Saturday (Friday already has maxed out).  We will know more after today's briefing... Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Loopers meeting room

A rear view from Viridian

Loopers "in progress" get to  address the audience and describe their journey so far.  We had on only one day under out belt at this point, others had  just crossed their wake.  There were others everywhere in between.

Here are all the Loopers that attended the Fall 2017 Rendezvous at Joe Wheeler SP
(we are on the far right end)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

America's Great Loop Cruisers Association (AGLCA) Rendezvous 2017

We got signed in to the conference yesterday and started meeting all the people who were either in progress on the Loop or in the planning stage.  2/3 of the people here at Joe Wheeler are in the planning stage.

Morning at the marina

Room full of  Loopers and future Loopers.  There are around 200 people attending and 1/3 are in progress.

A view from Viridian

Monday, October 16, 2017

For Women Only!!!!

I was getting ready for our sightseeing trip into the town of Rogersville, AL  and was wondering, "now where did I put my hairdryer"????  All of a sudden the music from Alfred Hitchcock's movie, Psycho, started playing in my head.  You know the music from the shower/stabbing scene? I didn't bring my hairdryer!!!!!!  MayDay, MayDay, stop the loop, we're going back home!!!!!  After calming down, I thought, never fear, William, Stephen and Sarah are near!  So William is sending it to me in the mail (thanks William) and the sweet accommodating receptionist at Joe Wheeler Lodge found one for me until I get mine next week.  Emergency is over :-)

George said why don't you just go buy a hairdryer at Dollar General? To that I replied, "George, my hairdryer is ionic and doesn't dry my hair out as badly as some others". Husbands can be so cute when they're trying to help solve your problems.  And thanks Jackie for the great short haircut that air dried really cute today!!!!

We went downtown Rogersville by way of courtesy van
(Our inside the store pics have not loaded)

Browning turkey for chili

Crock-Pot chili!

Since all the Loopers arrived here at Joe Wheeler, the Park wifi network has been swamped and we only get one bubble on our local wifi tethering.  We have more pictures that we would like to share but its taking FOREVER for them to load.

Cruising around the harbor in the tender.