Saturday, October 21, 2017

What a Day!

To explain Day 2, you have to know that Wilson Lock is closed from 6AM to 6PM every day.  However, the Corps of Engineers finishes their repair work around 4:30 PM each day so that leaves some time for boats to lock through before dark.  22 Looper boats left Joe Wheeler at 11:00 AM and locked down through Wheeler and on to Wilson a few miles down river.  We got there early so we just drifted in the lake for a few hours waiting for the Lock Master to call for us to enter the lock.  One Looper "Slow-Hand", took it upon himself to organize all the boats so that order would happen and we could get safely through to our dock at Florence, AL before dark.  Here are a few pictures of our Day 2 adventure.

Today's route from Joe Wheeler St Park to Florence Marina, AL

Locking at Wilson Dam

Viridian heading up to raft onto "Good Life" on Pin 3

Inside Joe Wheeler Lock rafted to "Good Life"

First Mates discussing rafting secrets

Back in open water on Wilson Lake

The Alabama Navy

Drifting on Lake Wilson

Looking back at Wheeler Dam

Our port side neighbor at the rendezvous "Unruly"

Into Wilson Lock with 22 Looper Cruiser Boats and a home-made canoe

Nice boat!

All rafted up for the 95 foot trip down

Good example of Rafting in the lock

Canoe Man will be first to exit lock

Canoe Man held onto Viridian's port bow line as we descended.  He is on his way to Ft. Pierce, FL by way of the Tennessee and Tenn-Tom Waterway.

Wilson Lock Master had to make sure he got a photo of all these boats in his lock at the same time.

Arriving to lock up as the Loopers exited was the American Queen steamboat.  A busy day for Wilson Lock.

Smoke stacks down to clear bridge in narrow channel leading to Wilson Lock

Passing by

Viridian tied to a cleat along the fuel dock at Florence Marina.  We had on power but were glad to get secured before dark.  The restaurant here is a fun place to dine with killer blue cheese hamburgers and nice UNA students for waiters and waitresses.  I would show a picture of our meal but it was gone before we thought about it.

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