Friday, October 27, 2017

Time Out

Viridian took on 100 gallons of diesel fuel yesterday and is now tucked away in a slip for the weekend.  A cold front is predicted to pass Friday and Saturday so we decided to stay put as the next two days require anchoring somewhere on the Tenn-Tom.  This stop worked well for us because a couple who are good friends of ours has a daughter who is getting married this weekend and we are able to rent a car and take a short 3 hr drive back to Huntsville, AL to attend the wedding.  Can also pick up a few more things we think we need.

Yesterday while we were taking on fuel a man came by while I was pumping and said, "I bet you don't remember me".  I looked up and the sun was directly over his shoulder so I had to shield my eyes in order to make out any features.  Well, I didn't recognize him at first but quickly realized that he was the captain of the pirate ship Good Fortune who helped us get up the Tenn-Tom last Fall.  He just so happened to be taking another yacht up river for the last time.  This is where we met last year, at Columbus Marina.  I have a big section in this blog about our voyage North in 2016.  

I'm very excited to get to go to Amanda and Will's wedding tomorrow.  I do love weddings and we've been friends with the Schrenks since our children were born.  We'll head back to Viridian Sunday morning.  

That's the news and here's the views:

This is the first thing that must be done every morning

 Tied up at Columbus Maria, MS

 Early morning in Mississippi

 Columbus Marina Store and fuel dock

 Taken at maximum zoom with a Panasonic Lumix 25-600 digital SLR

Another at max zoom

 Finishing up Morning Walk

 A different kind of Bird  (one of the ever present USAF training aircraft)

 Columbus Dam

Cleaning those nasty fenders!

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  1. "Livin' the dream" is an tired old cliché for most of us, but for you two it is a reality. Ya'll are awesome.