Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Back Up the Caloosahatchee River

Today we set sail from Ft Myers mooring field to a boat yard in Labelle, Fl to have Viridian hauled out for the month of March.  While Viridian is having some work done the first mate and I will fly home to visit family and friends and return at the end of the month and begin our voyage north to Canada.

This day marks the end of what we are seeing as the third phase of the loop journey for us.  The first phase was the Tenn-Tom/Florida panhandle route to Tarpon Springs, Fl.  The second phase was South to Key West from Ft. Myers then back around to Ft. Myers via the Gulf side.  There is still some Florida coast line left to explore North of Stuart, FL and we are looking forward to cruising that area, but for us, Florida is now in the rear-view mirror as we set our sights for the east coast New England states to the Canadian border.  What a fabulous time we have had cruising the many miles of Florida's coast!  In truth it would really take another voyage to visit other great places we simply didn't have time see.  Perhaps another time?

Viridian stayed put on her mooring ball and the kluged up bridle worked fine but before we attempt another mooring we will have a proper attachment hardware.

We are looking forward to seeing all our Family and Friends in a few days.  We will pick up the blog again in April.

That's the news and here are a few views:

We are here

Today's Route

Views From the Mooring Field towards Ft. Myers, FL

One of the several dinghy trips we made across the Caloosahatchee River to the marina
We're headed to the First Presbyterian church which was a short walk from the marina.  This Presbyterian church service was very traditional with an organ, piano and choir.  The pianist played Just As I Am in tribute to Billy Graham.  The pastor had a great message about sharing the gospel (Good News) and talked about reasons we hesitate to do so sometimes.   

 That's close enough Gilligan!
This happened yesterday at Stock Island in Key West

Visiting the Presbyterian Church in Ft. Myers on Sunday

Our duck friends.  They come by at the same time every day for a treat 
I'm amazed that these same two ducks remembered they were fed at our boat!  They showed up on the starboard side at the same time each day!

Last day on the mooring ball

First mate in her stern hammock

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