Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Shopping Day

Here are a few pics from our adventures on Monday, February 12. 
We hopped on our bikes and took a long ride to the eastern, or was it western, oh, I don't know, part of Sanibel Island. 

Fish Eye mirror at someone's driveway

Sanibel is a busy place!  Glad we have our own road to ride on!

We went grocery shopping then headed back to Viridian.  Had lunch and waited for it to cool off and took Jazzy out for a dinghy ride.  Here are some of the sights, including the back of a manatee.

 Manatee !

Key Lime Pie House

February 13, 2018
Last night, George and I planned to get up early, ride our bikes to the beach and watch the sun come up.  George strapped our folding beach chairs to our handlebars before we went to bed so we could zip right off in the morning.  We didn't make it to sunrise but we did get there before the crowd arrived.  Sanibel beach has lots of seashells and we wanted to peruse the shore first thing in the morning before all the good ones were picked up.  We explored the shoreline and ventured out in the water a bit and did find some nice shells.  We also saw two dolphin swimming pretty close to the shore.  The water temperature feels pretty good because the highs are in the upper 80's right now.

The shells are soaking in bleach water right now :-)

After sunning a little while, we headed back to Viridian to eat lunch and do what a woman likes to do most, shop!  We ate, George took a nap, then we got back on the bikes to hit the stores!  But first we had to stop at Dairy Queen.  We had heath bar mini blizzards (380 calories each).  George said we needed the extra calories to bike everywhere 😉

A little nap for George

Now that we were energized, we went to our first store.  It was your typical Tshirt/souvenir store.
George found a beach umbrella he liked and before we left, he had to help me untangle my sun hat chin strap from my sunglasses croche!  The hardships of beach life!

We went to a few more stores and found some cute things.  But women like to search out all the options before making final decisions.  So we will have more shopping to do!

This is Mia, a Military Macaw.  There were several bird cages outside some of the stores we visited.

George, playing with his phone while driving!

Butterfly Beach store

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  1. Looking for a fun evening try "Tween Waters Inn" on Captiva. On certain nights they have Crab Races in the lounge, there is a children's race as well as an adult race be sure to get there early and get your crab to race !