Saturday, February 10, 2018

Naples to Sanibel Island, Fl

Before leaving Naples we needed to wait until the tide was high just to give the exit chanel from Old Naples Seaport to the main chanel maximum depth.  While we waited on the tide to turn we walked to Wynn's Market.....

We were considering a couple of places to stay for the next two weeks.   The mooring fields Matanzas Harbor, behind Ft. Myers Beach looked very attractive since it was only $18/day including mobile pump-outs and near by attractions and grocery store availability.  The other choice was Sanibel Island, just west of Ft. Myers Beach in San Carlos Bay.  After reaching the pass at San Carlos Bay we turned east and cruised around the northern end of Ft. Myers Beach, under the San Carlos Blvd. Bridge and into the mooring fields to look for a ball to tie to.  The mooring fields are first come first serve, BUT, we found out after we had already tied up to shiny # 21 mooring ball that the north field was for people who owned the balls and if there were any available then it means that the owner was just out for a cruise and would soon be returning.  Well, the experience of hooking onto a mooring ball for the first time was worth the disappointment of having to leave.  (We were able to snag the ball on first try (Meg, being the talented and able bodied sea person that she is) and get secured like we had done it many times.)  With our new found confidence and skills we were directed, via phone to the marina mooring master, to the south field where it truly was first come first serve.  We scanned the field and spotted an empty ball and headed for it only to see another cruiser pull up to it and claim it.  We noticed many boats anchored to the south of the mooring field and decided that they were waiting like buzzards for the next empty ball and decided our chance of getting one today were slim to none.  

Since we already had reservations at Sanibel Island marina, we left the mooring fields and cruised across San Carlos Bay west to Sanibel Island Marina.  This marina was full too except for one slip on the loading ramp.  We pulled up, tied off and went to the Ship's Store to see about staying here for a while.  There is a possibility we can stay for more that a few days but we are still working that deal.  For now we are here until Monday and will explore the island in the meantime.

I'm really excited about being here at Sanibel.  They have bike rental and extensive bike and walking trails over the island.  It's also known for great seashells.  So many people collect shells here that the stance of bending over at the waist to retrieve a seashell has become known as the "Sanibel Stoop" .

That's the news and here are some views:

We are here

Route from Naples, FL to Sanibel Island BWO Mooring Fields

Wynn's Market in Naples, FL (this market was just like Whole Foods with lots of beautiful fresh produce, nice cheeses, and a great meat market)  BTW, thank goodness we didn't buy many groceries because we found out too late that Slidr (the free electric car service in Naples) doesn't open until 10:00 so we had to walk back to the boat with groceries.  We forgot the backpack and didn't bring our buggy.

Viridian Tied up ON the loading ramp

Fresh, hot blueberry muffins and a news paper delivered by the marina

Great way to start the day! Um, um good! 

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