Friday, December 29, 2017

Exploring the Hemingway District

Today we toured the Hemingway District by taking the shuttle bus to Turtle Kraal and walking up and down most of the streets in this area.  This is another "not on Duval St" tour and we visited all the attractions recommended on our map brochure.  We are getting much better navigating in Key West each time we visit the Island.  By the time we leave we should feel like locals and to help with that we extended our stay here another two weeks.  This will carry us to 1 Feb 2018.  Here are a few views from today's outing.

Not to rub it in (ouch!) but I thought our barometer was broken because it seems to be stuck on FAIR. (ouch!, ouch!)  It isn't broken, just a little out of calibration, (ouch!) but FAIR is what it is here.  70-79 deg day and  night. (ooooouch!:)

Here are a few pictures taken while walking through the Hemingway District in Key West, FL.  We enjoy just strolling down the lanes and avenues looking at the houses, stopping by shops and catching a meal in a tropical, outside setting.

Since we have been here we have read as much as we can about the history of Key West and all the people who have contributed to the island's growth over the years.  With this in mind, as we walk through the area, we feel a closer connection knowing details of times past.  Here are some views along the way:

Super Cool Land Rover

La Creperie Restaurant where we get silky smooth crepe dishes

La Creperie Restaurant

No hurry.  Killing time with Mimosa 

Buckwheat La Crepe

This is the most dangerous dessert we have ever eaten.  After the first bite, you can NEVER get it off your  mind!  Sinfully delicious.  It's called La Divine.  It's a crepe filled with butter caramel beurre sale', fresh bananas and strawberries topped with homemade whipped cream, fruit then dusted with confectioners sugar.  If silk were a food, this is what it would taste like.  This is the only restaurant we have visited more that once!

And it ended too soon :(

See if you can find a giraffe

Santiago was the name of the old man in Hemingway's book "Old Man and the Sea".

Local wildlife

This is inside the shoppe called Date & Thyme, a juice bar and markert

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