Saturday, December 9, 2017

Old Man Winter Catches Up With Us

After anchoring out seven days in a row it was time to find a marina and tie up a few days.  We had been watching the cold front coming from the North and did not want to be on big water during its passing.  We got reservations at Plantation Yacht Harbor in Islamorada (I'll-la-mo-ra'-da), FL for three nights.  Anchoring off shore the night before we were able to cruise into the marina just after 8:00 AM Friday morning.  This gave us time to get laundry done and prepare for the coming storm.  Viridian was secured using bow, stern and spring lines as we expected high winds with the passage of the front on Saturday.  It was a humid 89 degrees Friday and after the washing was put away we walked across the street to a popular Mexican restaurant (Puerto Vallarta Mexican Bar & Grill) and had lunch in the air conditioning.  Later, we washed Viridian and vanquished the river mustache on her bow again and then did a little fishing from the pier.

Saturday morning came in with a cloudy sky and streaks of sunlight that were soon extinguished by dark rain clouds.   Not long after breakfast the wind picked up out of the West and pressed hard on the starboard side of Viridian.  The viridian waters on the bay were whipped up into a whitecapping froth and wind driven rain found its way through the flybridge canopy.  It was good to be securely tied in a marina protected by a mangrove hedge on the western side and not anchored out in the tempest.

The front passed in a few hours but the wind lingered into the night, but now it was coming on the stern out of the North and with it much cooler air.

My phone rang and on the other end was one of my former co-workers and running buddy, Josh Doyle.  He, his wife and their 3 month old baby girl just happened to be vacationing in the Keys this week and found us here at the marina.  We had a nice visit and it was good to see someone from home in such an unlikely place.

A 1.3 mile walk to mile marker 88 brought us to the restaurant called M.E.A.T.  We had another great meal here in the Keys.  If you watch the cooking channel show called Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives then you may have seen Guy feature this restaurant on his show.  I ordered what he had which was smoked chicken wings and parmesan seasoned fries with a local craft brew.  Meg got a salad with smoked pork topping and a glass of water.  It felt funny to be back in long pants, socks, shoes and jacket but if felt good as we walked back to the marina along America's Highway.

That's the news and here's the views:

Out current location in Islamorada, FL

Plantation Yacht Harbor Marina.  We are along the West wall by the fuel dock

Haven't found that Flounder yet

Viridian behind the mangrove hedge along the "long dock"

Local Residents

Hey, there's this big lobster coming up behind you!

I'll-ah-lo-ra'-ma, not Islam-o-ra-da

The real "Dock Master" here.  He is named Henry Nugget.   They say he checks out all the new boats that come in.  He stood outside and crowed until something to eat was offered.

Old Man Winter catches up with us

The Doyle Family from Huntsville, AL.  Great to see you guys!

 Enjoying holding such a sweet baby

 M.E.A.T. Restaurant

It's what' for supper


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