Thursday, December 28, 2017

Task Day

There is no getting around house work and maintenance, so today we took care of a few things that need to be done, such as: laundry, haircut and replacing the lower shift cable on Viridian.  While George helped the two technicians from the boatyard replace the shift cable, I got ready for my hair appointment I had scheduled at a salon on Flagler Street.  The cable replacement took longer than expected so George took a break and carried me over to the salon on our scooter.  This worked out pretty well since I get the helmet hair look anyway until I can get back and fix my hair the way I want it.  Back at the boat, the laundry was stuffed into the hamper, loaded onto our folding cart, taken to the laundry building where I filled two washing machines.  By now the cable was installed, checked out and worked like new. We still need to take Viridian out on a sea trial to make sure all is as it should be.

Since arriving here at Stock Island, we were told by everyone we met that we just had to try "Hogfish Restaurant".  So today we decided to scoot over to the far side of the marina and eat our meal for the day there. 

All this work and eating made us feel drawn to the hotel tiki bar where poolside reclining lounges were waiting in the semi shaded 75 degree air.  A cool, soft breeze swirled as our heavy eyelids blinked in slow motion and we passed out in a food coma.  

New roof after the hurricane

this is a hogfish

Our favorite part of the meal was lobster bisque

Helmet hair

Can't you wait until I'm ready for my picture to be made????

My salad with grilled hogfish, tropical fruit and key lime salad dressing

George's Killer  Hogfish Sandwich

 Coolest VW Microbus

The last image as task day ended


  1. I think I am going to build a model of Veridian and stick a pin in it every time you mention 75 degree weather and post a picture of a succulent sea dish. So if you fell a stinging sensation it's me getting even.

    1. I think i may have stumbled on the reply feature for this blog. Can you see this?