Thursday, August 23, 2018

Slipping Through a Weather Window

The weather on Lake Michigan is something to take seriously.  Fortunately,  there are several nice marina's and anchorages scattered along the western bank of Michigan where boaters can duck in to get off the lake when the waves kick up.  This is what we are having to do now.  White Lake was a great place to hide from the bad waters and wait for a "drama free" day to roll up.  We enjoyed the town of Whitehall, the great bike trails and a great sandwich shop.

A good weather window open up today so we cruised the 5 miles west on White Lake to get to Lake Michigan.  We expected some beam waves but didn't really know what they would be like until we turned south for Grand Haven.  Once on course, we found the ride to be surprisingly comfortable.  Using Gypsy Spirit's description of one of their passages, "we encountered polite swells as we bobbed along".

Passing by Muskegon we heard the Coast Guard broadcast and Pan Pan calling for all boaters to BOLO for a paddle boarder who was reported missing in the area.  We could see the Coast Guard Search/Rescue boat zig zagging and checking out anything it saw floating in the water.  We kept a sharp eye out also since we were directly in the middle of the search area.  Never did hear if they found the person they were looking for.

The inlet to Grand Haven is marked by an old lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper's quarters on the south seawall.  The original catwalk, that protected the keeper as he walked from the house to the lighthouse, was torn down, but there is an effort underway to rebuild it to it's original state.

Viridian was docked stern-in along the Grand Haven Municipal Marina finger pier and we will stay here until the next window opens that will allow us to make our way south to Chicago, IL.

That's the news and here's some views:

We are here

Today's Route from Whitehall Marina to Grand Haven, MI

Conditions keeping us on the dock (wave height scale in meters!)

Can you find the turtle?

Best restaurant in Whitehall, MI - (Pekadill's)

Outside seating at Pekadill's Restaurant

Homemade Banana Bread to celebrate William's B'day!

Leaving Whitehall

Grand Haven Inlet

Lighthouse Keeper's House


This is what it will look like once it is restored to its original state with the Keeper's Catwalk (photo courtesy of Paul Thibdaue)

Viridian docked at Grand Haven Municipal Marina, MI

This ship was too long to turn around in the Grand River so it is being towed backward to the Lake to get underway

Nice Ford

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