Saturday, August 4, 2018

From Hidden Bay Beaver Country to Blind River

We started seeing the resident beaver making his rounds yesterday evening after the sun set and there was still some soft light left to see by.  This morning, while drinking our coffee on the stern, we saw the beaver family swimming back and forth across our narrow channel at Hidden Bay anchorage.  Not sure what they were doing but they sure looked busy.  The Loon family began to calling out and soon the whole bay was waking up to a perfectly still, pre-sunrise morning.  The only ripple on the water was coming from the beaver heads moving steadily but with a mission focus, back and forth across the water around our boat.  We saw the lodge where these beavers must live not too far from where we dropped the hook.  Various seabirds screeched and cried as they flew over looking for food and a place to land.  The coffee tasted extra good this morning and we savored every drop waiting for the sun to appear and officially start the day.

Today's route to Blind River Marina is on a due west heading for about 37 miles that passes between more granite islands and deep, clear water.  There is a hint of Fall in the air and it will soon be getting cooler at night in this part of the world.  Viridian and crew will bend our course south in a couple of days to cross back into the U. S. and make our way down to Chicago via Lake Michigan to get back into the river system that leads us back to our home.  We will  miss the Canadian waters and unforgettable views.

The bikes were taken down and we rode into town to get one more fist full of Canadian dollars to get us through the next two days.  The weather looks questionable tomorrow for the cruise over to Thessalon so we will have to make a call in the morning and see it we can get out on the open water.  There is a good bail-out anchorage halfway to Thessalon that we could pull into if necessary and wait for the wind to die down, or spend the night there.

That's the news and here's the views:

We are here

Today's Route from Hidden Bay Anchorage to Blind River Marina

The day officially begins now

Viridian docked at Blind River Marina Ontario Canada

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