Sunday, August 19, 2018

From Foggy Grey Skies to Sunny Brown Beaches

Morning came up with a thick blanket of fog, so thick visibility was only about 1/8 mile.  We talked with some fishermen who had come in, to see if it was any less foggy out on the lake.  We waited a  while until we could see the bank on the other side of the Manistee River then idled out of the marina, under the three bridges and past boat slips on both sides of the canal then out into the lake.  Visibility was still less than 1/2 mile and we picked up several fishing boats on the radar and soon we could see them through the fog.  The chartplotter kept us pointed in the right direction as we slid through the smooth, calm water about a mile off shore.  Soon we could make out the shore line and the visibility improved to about 3 miles.  After about an hour we could see the horizon to the west and the sun broke through to highlight patches of water and sky.  Before long the sky was blue with white clouds drifting low to the surface and by noon it was a nice cool, clear day with light winds and smooth water.

Our 40 mile off shore run took us south to the town of  Pentwater, MI where we docked at the Snug Harbor Marina.  Pentwater is another great little town with all kinds of shops, restaurants and bars lining main street.  There is a huge public beach area back out on the lake with light tan sand and super clear fresh water lapping against the shoreline.  We walked out to the beach and waded knee deep in the water on a soft sand floor.  Of course we explored all the shops along the main drag and enjoyed the cool breeze that felt like it was coming from an air conditioner somewhere.

Tomorrow we will keep going south for 40 miles or so as we continue to cruise down the eastern section of Lake Michigan to Chicago.

That's the news and here's the views:

We are here

Today's route from Seng's Marina, Manistee to Snug Harbor Marina, Pentwater,  MI

Foggy Inlet

We have arrived safe and sound

By the way

View of Pentwater main street from Viridian

Path to the beach

What a nice beach!

Built in 1864

Docked in Snug Harbor, Pentwater, MI

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