Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Day in Fernandina, Amelia Island, FL

Here are some views of downtown Fernandina, FL as we explored Center Street -  evening time Friday 13

First things first, ice cream & candy store

A cozy B&B

Episcopal church

Local Church Building

A great place to spend the evening

Can you tell we like Live Oaks?

Center Street

Stepping it up

A couple of Shadowy Figures on the Dock

Saturday Morning Downtown Fernandina, FL

Farmers Market

What do you mean you ate the last bite !!!

Aren't these beautiful radishes??

Ham & Cheese Biscuits - One for the road please!

Magnificent Live Oak Trees

We'll take the whole barrell

Some of these strawberries are in our galley now! 

Morning sun through Spanish moss

Riding along the Atlantic Coast

Making Tracks

Lunch at The Sandbar & Kitchen

Is that R2D2 in the background?

Some Interesting Houses in the Historic District


  1. LOL- Thought that R2D2 pic was a picture of you and Meg in a few years!

  2. Several years ago we spent a couple of nights at Fernandina. Kota made her first salt water swim there.