Saturday, April 21, 2018

Savannah Views

Our windy day started with an Uber ride from the marina to the Savannah downtown historic district.  We started with a visit to Chef Darin's Kitchen Table.  Chef Darin teaches cooking classes at this location and also has a nice kitchen shop.  We found a few things we thought would come in handy.

 This little gadget keeps the lid tilted on your pot if you don't want it sitting flat and possibly causing a boil over.  George thought we needed him!

These hangers will hold towels and we need these on a boat since wet towels are sometimes hard to get dry.  

Next, we had lunch at the Olde Pink House.

Crispy cheese straws

George had Shrimp and Grits and I had BLT Salad with Fried Green Tomatoes (this dish was featured on Food Network's Guilty Pleasures)

Still chilly!!!!

The landscaping around the OPH

The next few pictures are from the OPH

Savannah Cotton Exchange

A pretty shop

A few of the houses around the marina

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