Sunday, April 29, 2018

Charleston, SC Views

Shell Lodged in the brickwork

Back in Town

The current home on this plantation is the third structure that was built as the by the Drayton Family.  The original home built in the 1600s was struck by lightning and burned.  The second home was burned by Union Troops during the Civil War.  This third home started out as a cottage and was enlarged to what it is today.  The main attraction on this property is the gardens that were cultivated and not destroyed during the war.  Also, this property has remained in the Drayton family since 1676 and is still managed by the current Drayton heirs.

This view was originally the backdoor of the house.  It is now the front door

This view was originally the front door.  It is now the backdoor.  The reason they reversed the entrance is because before road traffic grew the primary mode of transportation was by boat on the Ashley River.  When more people began to use roads with horses and wagons and eventually automobiles, the main entrance was reversed to face the road.  In the near future, will homes be built with the main entrance facing the sky?

Exploring the Gardens

Bible Garden

Bamboo Garden

We didn't carve our names!

It was a beautiful day to tour the plantation.

The Oldest Baptist Church in the South

Today we attended the 1100 service at the First Baptist Church in Charleston, SC.  Here are some views we were allowed to take before the service began.

One of the two staircases leading to the balconey

Window Boxes, Doors and Flowers

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