Friday, May 18, 2018

Historic Triangle

There are three places that could be considered as the foundations of the United States and they are Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown.  The historical significance of what took place in these three locations cast the mold for the creation of a nation that is built on principles never before implemented by previous civilizations.  To that point the US deviated from the norm and became the  exception to the philosophy of how people should be governed.  We have all read and studied about these places and seen their location on maps but to arrive here by boat and experience the magnitude of the size of the area gives a dimension as seen from the eyes of the first people who arrived at the Jamestown location and walked off the ships onto a new land.

Here are some views of the Historic Triangle Locations:

Jamestown, VA - May 16, 2018

 Monument at the entrance of the Jamestown Fort Location

Ruins of Jamestown's Church

Memorial Church ruins just outside the Fort walls

Excavation inside the Church ruins

Sight of the first Church where John Rolfe and Pocahontas were married

Captain John Smith

Church Location inside the Fort Walls

Many artifacts found in this well

View of the James River where the Ship Docks were located

Layout of Jamestown Fort

Glass Blowing at Jamestown

End of the Day Dinner and Dessert at Berret's Taphouse Grill in Williamsburg, VA

Perfectly cooked fish, shrimp and scallops on a bed of arugula and orzo baked in parchment paper.  

Strawberry and blueberry cobbler with lemon, mint crumble and vanilla ice cream

Williamsburg, VA - May 17, 2018



Williamsburg Cooking

Someone forgot to make their bed

Meg standing in front of a really big oak

Mock court

Governor's Palace

Yorktown, VA - May 18, 2018

This woman is a guide for the National Historical Park, Yorktown, VA and made the battle of Yorktown come alive for us as she walked us around an area where most of the artillery from the Colonial Army and the French Army fired during the siege of Yorktown 

 A portion of the Yorktown Battlefield, VA

Lot of Civil War History here too

Alexander Hamilton took Redoubt #10 in 10 minutes on the 10th month and he appears on the $10 bill today.  No connection just an interesting fact.  The French took the #9 Redoubt 30 minutes later and this allowed the Allies to complete their second siege line and construct a Grand American Battery for siege artillery between the two redoubts.  Three days later Cornwallis proposed a cease-fire.

Lunch at Water Street Grill, Yorktown, VA

The USS Battleship Wisconsin, (BB-64) - May 18, 2018

Letters from Americans fighting on the front lines in 4 different wars

Revolutionary War

Vietnam War

World War II

Civil War

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  1. So glad that you are taking the time to thoroughly savor Hampton Roads and the Historic Triangle of Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown!

    There is much...much more all over the Chesapeake Bay Region.

    Linger awhile!