Monday, May 28, 2018

Solomons Island, MD To Rose Haven, MD - About the Half Way Point

Time to exit the mighty Chesapeake Bay and make our way north into New Jersey, New York and up the Hudson River.  Sadly, we won't be stopping at St. Michael s or Annapolis but will save some days for Canada and the Great Lakes instead.  Viridian departed Solomons Island at about 0800 this morning with low, gray clouds hanging over the calm waters of the Chesapeake and the cold front that passed last night dropped the temperature down to jacket weather.  A thin mist was falling as we turned around Drum Point and into the northern end of the Bay.  The 39 mile cruise was smooth and uneventful and we slid along side the face dock in Herrington Harbour Marina, MD. 

One of Meg's cousins, Max, and his wife live near D.C. and drove over to visit with us over a platter of fresh, steamed crabs with crab dip and cheese biscuits in a downtown restaurant.  It was good to see familiar faces and talk about things that only kinfolk can relate to.  Naturally, ice cream was found after our crab meal and we walked down the sidewalk of an old MD town.  Time to do some clothes washing and get ready for an early morning departure for Rock Hall, MD.

That's the news and here's some views.

We are here

Today's Route to Herrington Harbour Marina, MD

Herrington Harbour Marina

Fresh steamed crabs!

A meal with family

Docked at Herrington Harbour Marina, MD

A little over halfway, approximately 3200 miles


  1. Hey Ya'll

    Just read in Boat US, that New York has waived Erie Canal fees this year for its centennial. Save you some money.

    Still enjoying your blog.

    Safe sailing,
    Tom C.

  2. Thanks for the info Tom! Always like to save a few $$. Hope you and Sandman are doing well.