Thursday, June 14, 2018

Catskill Bale Out - Moving Ferrets - Cats on Display and Let The Wind Blow

You always need to have a bale out option when planning a route from A to B.  Today we exercised our bale out plan after leaving Kingston this morning.  The original destination was to be Albany, NY but the wind built to the magnitude that was forecast and we pulled the plug and slipped into a protected creek marina called Riverview about 25 miles north of Kingston.  Catskill is not one of the typical Looper stops since it is so close to Kingston.  However, we were so glad we got to stop here and explore this old town.  What a great way to spend a sunny but windy afternoon.

We needed to mail some postcards so we walked into town to the post office to mail them.  Along the way we passed some locals moving some stuff out of their house and most of what they were moving were pet ferrets.  There were several crates already in the moving truck and one in a crate that a man was holding.  They were so friendly and told us about some interesting things to do in Catskill.  They wanted to know where we were from and wished us a good time in their historic town.  We headed to the Post Office where we were greeted by a welcoming post mistress who also was also curious about where we were from.  People usually guess we're from North Carolina or Georgia.  Everyone here seemed glad we stopped by for a visit.  

Washington Irving visited the Catskill mountains in the early 1800's and this became the setting for his very popular Rip Van Winkle.

That's the news and here's some views:

We are here

Today's Cruise from Kingston, NY to Catskill, NY

Morning in Kingston, NY

Fellow Looper "Miss Liberty" heading north

Memorial Park for VFW's

A walk across the river bridge

View from the bridge looking West

Other side of Island

Downtown Kingsville, NY

Leaving Kingston Free Dock - View across the creek

Tugs always present

Sailing with Catskill Mts in the Background

Company in the channel

Bear Mts

Catskill, NY

Downtown Catskill, NY

Main St Downtown Catskill, NY

Collection of old cameras

City Street in Catskill, NY

Cat Art -- This section of pictures is for Stephen and Sarah's new cat, Leo Sanders

Dogs we found

Antique tool and decoy store Dog, Polly

Traffic Divider

Vintage Woodworking Tools

No Expedition is complete without Ice Cream

Coney Island Ice Cream Store

End the day with Coffee & Tea

Go this way!

Day's End--I had Queen Mary black tea and George had Mocha Espresso

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