Thursday, June 28, 2018

Kingston, Squeaky Floors and Squeaky Cheese

We decided to stay over the weekend in Kingston for a couple of reasons.  First, Kingston is a great place to visit.  There is so much history here and it's such a nice laid back city with lots of great architecture, restaurants, parks and shops it would take more than a day or two to explore.  Next, the weather called for rain through Thursday and finally there is this big Canadian Day (Canada Day celebrates the birthday of Canada. 150 years ago, On July 1, 1867 Canada became a new federation with its own constitution by signing the Constitution Act - formerly known as the British North America Act.  Canada Day is a national statutory holiday celebrated in all provinces and territories and it is a day off for most businesses). 

This weekend marinas, waterways and lakes will be full of people in boats going all over the place so having a reservation in a great marina is something to be thankful for until all this gets back to normal.  In the meantime, we have some time on our hands to get some exercise walking around the area and exploring the streets of Kingston and meeting the people that live and work here.

Here are some views of places we've been so far.

Shops and Stores in Kingston

Cooke's Fine Food and Coffee.  This is a charming old store complete with squeaky original wooden floors.

David's Tea

Visitor's Center at the Marina

Walk Through Old Town Kingston

Reminds me of A Christmas Carol!

There are lots of black squirrels here

Pretty landscaping

Downtown Kingston

Nice TR-6!

Better late than never!

Historic Cityhall

Park at the Marina

Mr. and Mrs. Duck

Farmer's Market

New squeaky treat for us.  When you chew these curds your teeth squeak like an old rocking chair

George was popular here apparently

Church Buildings in Kingston

Shops and Stores in Kingston

Card's Bakery

A scene from Poldark?

This was our first time to eat at an Indian restaurant.  George had a beef curry and I had a chicken curry.  The whole meal was an experience of new flavors.  The rice had a delicate flavor of saffron and turmeric and the naan (flat bread that was slightly charred) was faintly sweet and a good way to  eat  all the curry sauce.  The curries were a perfect blend of many spices, garlic, ginger and lemon juice in a velvety sauce.  

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  1. Hope you get some authentic poutine while you're in Canada.