Tuesday, June 19, 2018

So Many Dam Pictures

Today's high was 78, sunny and low humidity.  The wind picked up and blew from the west so strong we had to get out the windbreakers to stay comfortable.  

We left the wall this morning and headed for locks E-11 through E-16.  Along the way we made pictures of the locks and dams as we came to them hence the title of this blog.  

In addition to making dam pictures we took some other interesting photos along the way.  Our destination was another free dock located at the Herkimer State Historic Site.  We didn't know anything about this place other than the fact it had a free dock, if you could get it.  Well, we got it and were not disappointed.  It was located just 1.5 miles east of E-17 on the south bank of the Mohawk River.  Just a small 60 ft plastic pier in the shape of a "T" with just enough room to get Viridian tied to.  

Once we got settled we explored that old house place and took some photos of the grounds.  This also looked like a great place to set up our  hammocks and take a nap under the stand of trees located on the bank.  After supper we took down the bikes and peddled along the bike path to see what was beyond our ability to walk.

That's the dam news and here's some dam views:  

We are here

Today's Route from One Free Wall to Another in NY

NY Canal Boat

Adirondack Power and Light

Viridian on the Free Wall Above E-10

We Found The Levers of POWER?

E-10 Lock after hours

Nice place to spend the night

Gathering table decoration

An attempt to keep our fenders clean

Perfect day for cruising


More NY Canal Boats

A gaggle of geese

Chilly morning


Farm Land in Upstate New York

Haven't seen one of these in a while

NY Canal Boats

Great scenery all day


Lock Master meets Ships Master

E-15  (we missed photo of E-14)

Waiting for all clear

Tied to the wall waiting for lock to dump water from previous lift in E-16

A bridge to Nowhere, literally

Security gate #3

Viridian on the plastic dock at Herkimer State Historic Site, NY

Path from dock to Historic Home

Herkimer  Home

Looking over the garden toward the river

Road to Viridian

What time is it?

Time for a rest

A view from the Hammock

Bike Path

And the road goes on forever

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