Wednesday, June 13, 2018

West Point Military Academy

After replacing the waterlogged accumulator tank we rented a car and split it with the crew of Second Wave and drove the 15 miles up the Hudson River to the West Point Military Academy.  The drive over reminded me of the Smokey Mts in Tennessee and North Carolina.  We arrived at the small community of Highland Falls and entered the gate at the West Point Visitor's Center and purchased tickets for a 1 hour and 15 min bus tour of the campus.  The museum and Visitor's Center are new additions and contain a ton of history and displays of America's oldest military garrison and academy. 

To my friends who graduated from West Point, I am so glad to be able to visit this incredible place and see first hand where you spent 4 years of your life in preparation for becoming the world's best soldiers.  Thank you for your service and sacrifice, It is an honor to know you.

Here are some views:

New Museum at Welcome Ctr

One of several Chapels

European Architecture

Magnificent Sanctuary

Everything Laser Straight as Expected

Fallen/MIA Soldiers Reserve

Bride Escape Door

Views of Hudson River from West Point's "Trophy Point"

Parade Ground

Civil War Cannon Buried Barrel First Signifying Never to Be Fired Again

Battle Monument, One of the Largest Marble Structure in the World 

Captured Cannon

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