Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Manasquan Inlet at the End of New Jersey

The weather forecast for today (wind and waves) said it should be pretty much like it was yesterday but it wasn't.  The first 10 miles of our 63 mile offshore run from Atlantic City to Manasquan River, NJ was rough.  We went further offshore to deeper water and it seemed to help a bit but it didn't smooth out  much until we had gone north about 15 miles.  From then on we had good seas but cool air, high only 68 deg. 

Timing for entering the Manasquan Inlet needed to be as close to slack tide as possible so we slowed our pace to arrive at 3:00 but had to wait in line to get into our marina slip at Hoffman's Marina.

Once tied up, Viridan was washed down with fresh water to get all the salt spray off until we can wash her properly with soap.  Our slip is a stone throw from the Brielle RR lift bridge where commuter trains come through every 15 minutes.  The RR bridge has to be lowered for this to happen and that combined with a strong tide current has caused several boat wrecks over the years.  Boaters did not realize how strong the current was until it was too late and wound up smacking into the bridge as a result.  We will make sure we contact the bridge operator in the morning and make sure the bridge will be open when we are read to leave.

Tomorrow we will cruise an easy 40 miles into New York Bay and over to Staten Island to the Great Kills Yacht Club Marina and spend the night.

That's the news and here's some views:

We are here

Today's Cruise from Atlantic City, NJ to Manasquan River, NJ

Red in the Morning?

Manasquan River Inlet

Catching Libe-sta!

Commuter train crossing the Brielle RR lift bridge

Viridian on the T-dock at the end of the pier

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