Friday, June 15, 2018

Last Day on the Hudson River

Today marks the last day to travel on the Hudson River.  We had a nice stay at Riverview Marina, topped off the diesel tanks and explored the town of Catskill, NY.  The river current didn't turn north until 12:00 Noon today so we had all morning to clean the inside of Viridian and prepare for the short cruise up to Albany.  The only dockage we could find available was at the C. Springer Marina directly across from the popular Albany Yacht Center.  There was one dock that we would fit on so we reserved it for one night. 

After lunch we cast off our lines and turned north into the narrowing Hudson River.  The sky was overcast and cool.  Light showers came and went and the wind was north around 10 mph.  There was very little traffic on the river but we did meet a few tugs and one supertanker heading south.  Soon the clouds thinned and blue sky started appearing.  It seems the sky is a deeper blue at this latitude but maybe it's just that the haze and humidity were gone due to the passing cold front.  By the time we arrived in Albany there were few clouds with sunny blue skies.  Our face dock was parallel to the river and we slid in and tied up for the night.  This marina is very low key.  A young lady, who had only been working for 2 weeks, was in the ships store to take our money but we were on our own from there.  The area we are in is the Albany Port side of town.  Very industrial and busy.  Not too inviting for exploring so we just chilled and enjoyed being on the river on such a nice afternoon.  Tomorrow we will head for the visitor's center for the Erie Canal and see if there is a space available on the free dock.  If not, we will continue into Lock #2 on the Erie and travel west.  (There is no Lock #1 on the Erie Canal).

That's the news and here's some views:

We are here

Today's Route From Catskill, NY to Albany, NY

Cloudy, Cool, Windy and Rainy Start

The Hudson getting narrow

We keep seeing these chimneys along the banks the Hudson.  They are very ornate and each one is different.  There are ruins of small building attached to them.  Would be interesting to know what their purpose was.

Tugging Along

Supertanker heading for "The City".  I wonder if the phrase "Down Town" came from mertients on the Hudson taking their goods "Down" the river to the "Town", NYC, back in the old days.  

Viridian on the face dock at C. Springer Marina, Albany, NY

Late Evening Party Boat Cruising Along

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