Saturday, June 9, 2018

Train Ride to New York City to see the Sights AND the Hornblower Incident

Right now we are tied up in Half Moon Bay Marina in the Hudson River in Croton, NY.  The Hudson River is named for Henry Hudson who came to this area in 1609 and his ship was named Half Moon.

Evening at Half Moon Bay Marina

We woke up Saturday morning and wanted to figure out where everything was in our area like the laundry, grocery store and restaurants.  We of course ended up in a eating establishment which serves bagels in the morning, donuts after 11:00 and ice cream anytime!

We had a sesame bagel with Lox cream cheese.  I thought that sounded so "New York" so we tried it and it was delicious!

We walked back to the boat and got ready to take a train into NYC.  Here are a few scenes along the walk
Bike/Walking path from Marina to Train Station

View along the way

Train Terminal at Croton, NY

All Aboard!

Looks like we have it all to ourselves

Train ride selfie

Tickets Please

It took an hour to get into NYC but that gave us a little time for a quick nap! We arrived at Grand Central Station and tried not to look too much like tourists and just followed the crowd.  Grand Central is beautiful and after we walked out front some nice men were helping people get a taxi so we walked right up and hopped in one after an imposter had tried getting us to get in his plain black car.  Thank goodness George said no to him because the people helping keep the taxis moving told us not to get into those plain cars because they charge way too much.  

While we were on our way to NYC on the train, I got a text from one of our Looper friends back at the marina.  The message said, "Do you have an alarm on your boat?",  An alarm, we thought?  Why?  Well, the horn on Viridian is blowing continuously and we thought we should contact you and ask you what you want to do.  We told them to go on board and turn off the horn on the 12 volt power panel. This killed the horn.  

After we got back we heard some stories.  Captain Mike, onboard  Dash Away and docked next to Viridian, said he was asleep when he was woken by a horn blasting away.  He immediately thought it was coming from his boat and proceeded to kill every electrical breaker on his boat and when that didn't stop the horn, he went outside and discovered it was coming from Viridian.  By this time some other people had gathered around holding their ears and pointing at Viridian.  Eventually, someone killed the horn circuit and the blowing stopped.  A crowd of people sitting around the pool at the top of the hill all stood up and started clapping.  After thinking about how this happened, I remembered back to our cruise up to Half  Moon Bay and George was down on the deck making pictures while I was driving.  I thought I would honk the horn while he was in front of it but after mashing the button half way in I thought maybe that's not such a good idea.  I guess the button got stuck really close the the contact and when it warmed up in the sun it just switched on and blew until it was turned off.  

 Grand Central Station, NY

 There are two huge fountains at the 9/11 Memorial.  It's hard to photograph and capture what they really look like.

One World Trade Center

Subway Terminal at 9/11 Memorial

St. Paul Chapel is a short walk from where the twin towers were.  It was opened in 1766 and in 1789 George Washington prayed here after  his inauguration.   It survived the 9/11 attack

St. Paul's Chapel cemetery

The original painting of the American Seal

New York Style Pizza--a must

Looks like a good deal?

Pizza at NY Style Pizza Manhattan, NY 

Empire State Bldg

Temptation around every corner

Views from the 80th floor of the Empire State Building

View from the 86th floor

The architects

Lots of people everywhere!

Back in Taxi for GCS

Chrysler Bldg

NYC Icon

Back to GCS. An hour train ride back to Croton, NY then a 1 mile walk back to Half Moon Bay marina at 10:00pm.  Somehow we made it.  We put on our jammies and dove into bed.

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