Friday, June 8, 2018

New York - Act II

There is plenty of water in the New York Bay even at low tide so Viridian, Dash Away, Band Wagon and Oar Knot departed Great Kills Marina and sailed into New York via the Lower Bay and into the Upper Bay where the Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island, NJ. 

One of our goals on this trip was to get our picture made in front of the Statue of Liberty as we sailed Viridian by.  Having other Looper boats to make pictures is the best way to do this.  Our cruise took us under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge into Upper Bay at Brookland and the mouth of the Hudson River.  There were water ferries criss-crossing from  right to left and tour boats going north and south.  These things went 20 mph and were everywhere.  There was also the usual commercial traffic moving in the channels along with other pleasure craft that kept the waters stirred up like a washing machine.  

The four boats organized and made photos of each other as we passed by Miss Liberty.  North of Liberty Island we sailed past Lower Manhattan and the One World Trade Center.  The Empire State Building could be seen standing among the massive structures that were packed in shoulder to shoulder.  Helicopters buzzed constantly overhead, airliners roared in and out of the airport and we were right down in the heart of NYC.  Exploring NYC from the water gives us a unique vantage point, allowing us to take it all in far enough away to get a feel for the gigantic size of this place.  Of all the fabulous places we have viewed on the Loop, there is no other place like NYC.  

Our destination today is Half Moon Bay Marina, about 40 miles north of NYC up the Hudson River.  We spaced our arrival times so we wouldn't overwhelm the one man operation at the marina.  ETAs were set 15 minutes apart as we spread apart and this made the task of docking much more efficient.

That's the news and here's A LOT of views:

We are here

Today's Route From Great Kills Marina, Staten Island, NY to Half  Moon Bay Marina, NY

Oar Knot & Dash Away Sailing into NY

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

Water Ferry

Tankers move close to 20 mph and cover a lot of water fast

Crossing from Lower Bay to Upper Bay under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge

View From Viridian

One World Trade Center

Fire Boat filling up the Bay

Looking for Miss Liberty

There She Is!

Wait for It...

Mission Accomplished!

What a Sight to see!

Our GPS track as we got our picture taken and made pictures of the other Looper Boats

Thanks to Oar Knot and Band Wagon for these Great Views!

Another Taxi

Sailing up the Hudson

First Mate taking it all in

Fast  Movers

George Washington Bridge

Tugs working in the Hudson

Loopers heading under the George Washington Bridge

Lunch Time

Single handing a sandwich

Band Wagon, Dash Away and Oar Knot

Where to?

Looks Like the Tennessee River

Henry Hudson Bridge

Commuter Train

Tappan Zee Bridge Replacement Operation near Sleepy Hollow, NY

Bigger, Faster Tugs

Trusses from the old bridge

Dash Away

At Half Moon Bay Marina

She tied this knot with the flick of the wrist

Looper Ladys

End of Another Day

Half Moon Bay

Day's End

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