Thursday, July 19, 2018

Back to Viridian Waters

Another picture perfect day with winds forecast to be less than 4 mph and temps in the low 70s.  A perfect day to cross the big waters of Simcoe Lake on our way to Port Orillia Marina.  Locks 37-41 are like stair steps going down to the level of Simcoe Lake.  Each lock is less than a mile apart and our 4 boat group was first up at lock 37 and we hit the next locks down to the lake with no delays. 

Crossing Simcoe Lake we were once again cruising in viridian colored water like we saw in the Keys.  The water in these lakes is so clear and when the sun is shining in to them they look like a jewel.

Once across Simcoe, we stopped at a marina and topped off the diesel and earned a free pump out along with a 5% discount for being a Looper.  Not too bad.  Our final destination for the day was Port Orillia, a large marina on the order of Port Trent at the beginning of the TSW.  We reunited with several Loopers we have traveled with as the marina filled for the weekend.  Viridian will depart here on Sunday, 22 July, and make our way through the last few locks before entering the Georgian Bay. 

One of the locks will be the "Big Chute Marine Railway", where we drive into a cradle attached to a railway system that lifts boats up, over and down into the lake below.

That's the news and here's some views:

We are here

The Big Picture. Progress along the TSW so far about 350 miles with 41 locks

Today's Route from Lock 37, Across Lake Simcoe to Port of Orillia Marina, Ontario

19 July 2018, Morning @ Lock 37

Early Morning Walk Around Lock 37

Our Local Loon

Looking back toward the Lock (top side)

Mirror Smooth

Pretty landscaping

Gypsy Spirit on the dock downside of Lock 37

Leaving Lock 37

Underway Once Again


Fishing along the Lock Canal

This is a farm you would expect to see Roy Rogers brushing Trigger tied to a hitching post in the front yard

Leaving the canal to Cross Simcoe Lake

Open Water!

Viridian Making Way on Simcoe Lake

We have Arrived!

Here for 3 nights

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