Monday, July 9, 2018

Last Day at Campbellford Ontario

Another great stop along the TSW.  Campbellford has everything you could want and just a block or two away.  The weather here was great too.  Cool nights warm days with low humidity.  Other Loopers came in while we were here and we enjoyed spending time with them.

What is there to do and see in Campbellford?  There is a bakery here called Dooher's that bakes all kinds of breads fresh every morning.  They are most famous for their fresh doughnuts and people line up every day and scarf up all the doughnuts until they sell out at about Noon.  We managed to get some yesterday.  There is a chocolate factory here called World's Finest Chocolate,  It is just two blocks away and worth the walk to pick up some samples.  There is a place called Chicken Empire and it has all kinds of chicken meals and a wonderful staff to serve you.  Captain George's Fish & Chips is where we joined four other Looper couples (Gypsy Spirit, Dash Away, Miss Norma and Nick) for some of the best fish & chips we have had anywhere.  There are two large grocery stores within walking distance where we stocked up on some items we needed and not to mention the ice cream store in direct line of sight from the boat.  There are a number of high end restaurants that we did not visit but are filled to capacity every evening.  Several breakfast cafes across the bridge to choose from too. 

We took our bikes down and took a ride down the canal trail, across the swing bridge at the lock and over to the Ranney Falls Suspension Bridge.  After crossing the bridge we had access to all kinds of trails.  Captain Mike (Dash Away) and I took our bikes back over to the trails and rode through the woods, up and down hills and over streams and ditches.  Good workout!

That's the news and here's some views:

The Toonie was designed by a person who lives here in Campbellford and is displayed here and one other place across the river.

Bike Riding along the Canal

Suspension bridge at Raney Falls Park

Long way down

Please!  Let's just get off this thing!!!!!

House along the path

Captain Mike made an early morning run to the Doughnut Bakery but the doughnut machine was broken.  BUT, there were other goodies available.

nuff said

The Chocolate Factory!

Small (Viridian), Medium (Dash Away), Large (Gypsy Spirit)

Practicing selfies

Finishing off a blueberry crumble pie



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