Friday, July 13, 2018

Children of the Lock, Water Pump Paradise and Slaying Hydraulic Lock Monster

We are currently cruising with Gypsy Spirit, Dash Away and Miss Norma.  As expected, there were several boats wanting to go north from Peterborough and since there was a Rib Fest starting in Peterborough this weekend, there were several boats going south for that.  It was quite busy this morning sorting out things at the first small lock before the hydraulic lock.  However, once we got our plan going we just repeated it for each of the 5 remaining locks on our way north to Lakefield, just 11 miles away.

After our recon on the hydraulic lock at Peterborough yesterday, there was not much mystery left as far as what was to be expected once we arrived in our boats.  The boat traffic was fairly heavy but things went very smooth and in no time we were sitting in the giant tub and were lifted 65 feet in 90 seconds.  This lock was an exciting departure from all the conventional locks we have used so far.  The fact that there are only eight of these things makes them kind of special as far as getting the experience of using them, but the design just didn't catch on in other places probably due to the expense of building one. 

Although it was just a short run we had 6 locks to manage with 4 fairly large boats and the always present crosswinds and river currents to deal with.  Needless to say we were pretty exhausted by the time we arrived at the marina in Lakefield.  Our average speed for the day was just 3 mph.

We picked up our fresh water pump at the marina store this morning and once we docked at Lakefield we ripped out the old diaphragm pump, accumulator tank, and unnecessary pipes and installed this new variable flow pump.  It regulates the water flow rate based on how much you open the faucet.  Works like a charm.  Hopefully, this will end our running battle with the water distribution system on board Viridian.

That's the news and here's some views:

We are here

Today's cruise from Peterborough to Lakefield Ontario

Cruising the channel north from Peterborough Ontario

Our turn to enter the Hydraulic Lock

Waiting to go up in the "bathtub" at Peterborough Lock

 Close Encounters

Hello Everybody!

At the top

Exercise Ball-n-All

Sliding out of the "Pan"

Go this way!

Stout Bench

Young Lock Attendants

These guys demanded a horn blast

Seems like it takes forever for these locks to fill

The Narrows

Love this rock work

Elle and Jim onboard "Gypsy Spirit"

Ringo, the famous traveling dog onboard the Ranger Tug, "Miss Norma"

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