Friday, July 6, 2018

Taking Some Heat

It has been unusually hot here in Canada for the last few days.  It has been hot pretty much everywhere because it's summer, but at the 44th parallel it is something to talk about.  We decided to stay an extra day here at Lock #6 because they have power pedestals and we can run our air conditioner on board Viridian. And run it we did.  The temp got to 91 degrees and the wind quit blowing making it feel just like Alabama in July.  However, there is something different about the sun at this latitude, it seems hotter, has more of a burning feeling.  Anyway, we stayed in the shade of the willows or inside Viridian during the hottest part of the long day. 

Several boats stopped here yesterday to escape the heat.  Traveling on the Trent Severn is a slow-go process since the locks are so close together, so you have to work outside the boat while locking and while underway there is little wind to cool you off.  The walls were at full capacity this morning with the American boats pointed north and Canadian boaters pointing south.

We will leave this morning in the second flight of boats heading north.  There is only enough room in the locks for the two 46 foot cruisers so we will stage in 40 minutes behind.  Our destination will be Lock #8.  Not much there, no power but it is quiet and most people go on past.  Today the high will be in the mid 70s, like it should be so no need for the A/C today or tonight.

That's the news and here some views:

Tied just above Lock #6 gate

How these locks work

Lots of vegetation to avoid when using the bow thruster 

Cool pic on a hot day

Company at the lock

Lending a hand cracking the hatch

Heading into town

Wing night special at Dimitri's Pizza

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  1. I love that pic of Veridian tied up beside the grassy picnic table area. As to the heat inside a lock, we experienced it this week. The sun beats down, the wind cant get in, the water in the chamber attracts the nastiest stuff the lake has to offer, dead carp stink the place up, and the bollard is too slow moving. The mate's push-off station is under the bimini on the stern and the skipper's is on the snout in the baking Sun.