Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hell's Gate, Gourmet Meals, Free Beer Sampling and the Maple Leaf Rag

The water pump onboard Viridian was put to the test and passed with honors.  Let's hope this is the last posting on that subject.

Rain was predicted in the Lakefield area this morning and we did see a few drops of  rain, off and on, but the cloud cover made for nice cruising conditions.  Today's Passage took us on a fantastic cruise through 20 miles of the Hell's Gate region that included only 3 locks.  The water was crystal clear and the entire river bed is in what is called the "Canadian Shield",  a solid granite area that makes for great views but very few anchoring opportunities.

The four boat flotilla of Viridian, Dash Away, Gypsy Spirit and Miss Norma sailed 20 miles to Reach Marina where we were just in time for a beer sampling offered by a local micro brewery.  After a quick nap, Tim and Ramie of Miss Norma invited us onboard their Ranger Tug for an expertly prepared meal and good fellowship.

Most of the time we have been in Canada I have had this song stuck in my head.  It's a song that my Grandmother would play on the piano when I was a child.  It's called "The Maple Leaf Rag".  I wonder if it was inspired by the Canadian Flag?

That's the news and here are some views:

We are here

Docked at Lakefield Marina Ontario

Walk to town in Lakefield

Viridian, Dash Away, Gypsy Spirit and Miss Norma cruising away from Lakefield

Lock attendants at one of the three locks we did today

Cruising across Clear Lake

Entering Hell's Gate on the TSW

These are only a fraction of the pictures we took in this area.  The iinternet is very poor here so we are limited

Tour boat in the lock.  Its bow folds up so it can fit

 Captains Jim and Elle of Gypsy Spirit
Captain Mike of Dash Away

Yours Truly

Captains Tim and Ramie of Miss Norma

Ringo, Ships Dog on Miss Norma

Captains Tim and Ramie of Miss Norma Prepared a fabulous dish of Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce, Fresh Peach Pie with Ice Cream and Salad

Another beautiful day on the TSW


  1. A folding bow boat. What will they think of next? BTW the Canadian Shield is solid granite mostly of pre-Cambrian age, among the oldest rocks on the planet.

  2. Alan - Thank you for identifying the correct type of rock. This is an incredible area we are in.