Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dump The Pump, Family of Loons, Flock of Seagulls and Loony Loopers

Hastings Marina was a fine place to stop for the night.  The only negative about Hastings was that we were told that there was a laundromat just up on the corner on main st.  We loaded our clothes in our nylon wagon and pulled them all over town looking for the washer but it had gone out of business so we came back to the boat to live to wash another day.

Morning brought another perfect day on the 44th parallel and we headed for Peterborough with Gypsy Spirit, Dash Away and Miss Norma but we all left spaced out about a 1 1/2 miles apart.  This gave us the feeling of being the only boat on Rice Lake. We motored along at 6 kts while the diesel drummed out its one lone note like a roll on a kettle drum. 

Our route took us along the Trent River, through Rice Lake and passed a dozen or more islands before turning north up the Otonabee River that lead to Peterborough Ontario.  This was a fantastic journey that words fail to describe and pictures leave us disappointed.  The only way to experience a place like this is to come here and marinate in it like we did today.

Arriving at Peterborough Marina, we were assigned a slip with a stern in approach and one foot clearance between the dock and the boat next door.  We had folks to throw lines to on the dock and they helped us shoe horn Viridian into her slip.  After getting tied up we walked over to the marina house to check in and get keys.  We were also given a free ice cream cone of our choice before leaving.  In addition to all the goodies we were told that the band "A Flock of Seagulls" would be performing and we had a free pass to attend. 

Once we got the paperwork done, we loaded up the laundry and Meg started a load or two while I walked over to the Boaters World (like a small West Marine) and ordered a VFLO 12v, 40 psi, 5 gpm fresh water pump to replace the waning frankenstein/mister potato head pump now on its way out, again.  This will eliminate the accumulation tank and all the junk pump pieceparts now in constant failure mode.  Once the pump was ordered and the wash was going we joined other fellow Loopers at Riley's Irish Pub on Main St. downtown Peterborough for a fine meal and good fellowship.

That's the news and heres some views:

We are here

Today's route across Rice Lake and up the Otonabee River to Peterborough

WebMaster (cleaning spider webs off the bow)

Rice Lake

Family of Loons

Pretty Farm

Otonabee River

Waiting for Lock 19 to open

Lock Ducks

Approaching Peterborough Ontario

Peterborough Marina

Boats packed in for a long weekend

 Us Loopers at Riley's Irish Pub
Viridian, Dash Away, Gypsy Spirit, Miss Norma and  Free Spirit II

"Flock of Seagulls" 80's techno bad

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  1. We are on our way to Peterborough in the morning. Heard the marina was booked full so may stop overnight at lock 20.