Thursday, November 2, 2017

Coming To the End of Chapter One

Only one more lock to go through and we will be at sea level and seeing brackish water and tides.  The land will flatten out more and the smell of salt air will be the norm.  Today Viridian left Demopolis and sailed 72 river miles to a place called Bashi Creek where we anchored with two other boats, Dreamboat Annie and Moni-Jean.  Bobby's Fish Camp will be our next stop only 25 river miles from Bashi.  We have called ahead and they will have catfish cooking in the deep fryer with all the fixings.  We can take on water there and if we are lucky find a cleat on the dock and plug into power for the night.  When we leave Bobby's the next day we will go through Coffeeville Lock, the last one on the Black Warrior River.  From there we will anchor in the Alabama River Cut-Off before sailing to Dog River Marina in Mobile Bay on Sunday.  We need an oil change and fuel so may stay a day or so there.

Today we met 5 Tugs all going North on the BW river.  There were 11 boats in the lock at Demopolis this morning at 7:00 AM.  Only three here at Bashi.  The rest were fast movers and went to Bobbie's FC and three were slower sail boats that stayed somewhere upriver from us.

That's the news and here's the views:

We are here

Today's route from Demopolis Yacht Basin to Bashi Creek Public Area, AL

Demopolis Cemetery.  We have relatives buried there.

Guess what this guy does for a living

Leaving Demopolis, AL

Processing Pine Trees 

Going South 

Ezel's Catfish Restaurant 

G with an O, O with a D, T with an I, M with an E.. G O O D T I M E ... Baby! 
(South Alabama Wildlife)

This looked a lot better in person.  I need to learn more about camera exposure science

 Yep,  still in the ditch

 Most of the bank looks like this which makes it impossible to anchor except in a few special places

 Viridian anchored in Bashi Creek with Moni-Jean and Dreamboat Annie

 Looking back from our Dinghy Jazzy

Heading up stream to explore

Way back up Bashi Creek

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