Friday, November 3, 2017

Ready For Some New Scenery

Our voyage down the mighty Tenn-Tom is coming to a close.  We have enjoyed the remote aspects of this leg of our cruise and the challenges it brings, but it's time for some new and different views.  Tomorrow Viridian will take us to Mobile Bay and into Dog River Marina for some restocking and planning for the Florida Panhandle cruise.  We are currently anchored in the Alabama River Cut-off just north of where the Alabama River runs into the Black Warrior to make the Mobile River.  We had a wonderful chef salad with Italian dressing for supper, a light meal after the fried catfish at Bobby's last night.  The cruise today was 70 miles long with 6 or more tugs to deal with and a lot of remote riverbanks to pass.  We are anchored in a great spot with enough current to keep us pointed upstream, so we don't need our stern anchor.  It's a good thing we don't need our stern anchor because we lost ours last night when a line of thunderstorms passed at 2AM while we were anchored out at Bobby's.  I have never had a knot to just come untied, but that's what happened. I looked out the back window and saw trees showing that weren't supposed to be there.  Our bow anchor held, but we swung around during the storm and the rudder stuck in the mud close to the bank.  Had to use Jazzy like a tugboat to push the stern away from the bank and get Viridian back where she is floating free again.  The knot that untied was the one tied to the anchor, not the boat.  So our stern anchor is on the bottom of the river at Bobby's Fish Camp and we will have to get another one at West Marine in Mobile.

That's the news and here's the views:

We are here

Today's route from Bobby's Fish Camp to Alabama River Cutoff Anchorage, AL

Tug coming down river before sunup

The dock that was then wasn't.  8 boats over 50 feet rafted up at Bobby's 100 foot doc,

 Waiting on a tug coming up Coffeeville Lock early morning

 Above Lock at Coffeeville

 Ruins from  times past

 Steam plant and RR lift bridge

Shack by the river

 Nice place to walk dogs

Hidden Getaway


Anchorage at Bama Cut-Off 

Rear View

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  1. Great story George, you can chuckle about it now but I'm sure it wasn't funny at 2:00 AM running around in your BVDs. Keep the blog going I enjoy reading it everyday at breakfast. Safe Travels