Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving in Sarasota, FL at Marina Jack

Sarasota, FL was a great place to spend Thanksgiving and allow some rain showers to pass by.  Viridian got a good cleaning (got that river mustache wiped off) and tanks filled with diesel that should take us to Stock Island by Key West. 

The next few days we will continue South to the Ft. Myers area where we will stop at Fisherman's  Wharf after leaving Marina Jack and anchor out in some hurricane holes off the waterway.  Not sure yet whether to continue down the Gulf side to Marathon or cross Lake Okeechobee and go down the East side.  The hurricane hit the Gulf side pretty hard and not much information yet on conditions.

Today we eased along once again passing under draw bridges that open at different times depending on the bridge.  This keeps our speed to about 5 mph but that gives us opportunity to check out all the great shoreline homes along the way.  The sky was cloudy all day and the temp around 70 deg making it not such a good day for photos.  We are liking the short runs (less than 20 miles) that let us sleep later and have long afternoons to explore or just chill out for a while.  

That's the news and here's the views:

We are here

Today's route from Marina Jacks to Fisherman's Wharf Marina, FL

This maker was downtown Sarasota, FL.  

First Mate enjoying some light reading on the stern of Viridian

Below are some examples of beautiful homes lining both banks of the waterway South.  

 First encounter of a swing bridge at Blackburn Bridge

Viridian on the transient dock at Fisherman's Wharf Marina just above Hatchett Creek drawbridge in Venice, FL.

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