Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Gone to the Dogs, Waiting Out the Weather and Other sights

Today will be a short 5 mile cruise from The Wharf Marina to our anchorage at Pirates Cove.  

That's the news and here's the views:

We are here

Today's cruise from The Wharf Marina to Pirate's Cove Anchorage, AL

The reason we are headed for Pirate's Cove is because a weak cold front is approaching and we want a safe and shielded anchorage to wait for the weather to pass.  High winds are expected so if it was good enough for Pirates then it's good enough for us.

 Alan Jackson says "It's alright to be little bitty"

 Some houses along the shore from The Wharf Marina to Pirate's Cove anchorage


 Looking out for Pirates behind us

 Entering hidden Pirate's Cove north of  Bear Point Marina on the Alabama/Florida state line

 Just ONE bite

 Anchor set where Pirate Ships once lay

Locals fishing on public pier north in cove

 Some houses lining the north end of the cove

 Some local history

 Yes, we looked for skeletons

More houses in the cove

 Ready for winds

 Rare view without Jazzy the Dinghy attached

This has been an exceptional day for me because I've gotten to be around some of the sweetest, friendliest dogs.  We went to a very pretty anchorage called Pirates Cove which is north of Orange Beach (I think).  After anchoring, we deployed the dinghy and toured the surroundings. 

 Visiting with sweet Honey

Inside the restaurant


Pirate's Cove Cheeseburgers

George took these pics of the men's bathroom at the restaurant

He doesn't drink Yuengling anymore😛

Pirates Cove Cheeseburgers

Hermosa, the chiguagua

And cute Molly


The anchorage

Here are some of the sights taken from Meg's camera:

Resurrection Fern in a live oak

George with the live oaks

An interesting hedge 

Some of the surrounding woods

Pretty house with a lovely live oak

After we finished our burgers, two older men came over to have a alcoholic milkshake drink and had Hermosa and Molly the dogs with them.  The two dogs jumped up on the bench seat, then jumped on the table and had several tastes of the drink.  They were the cutest little dogs!!!! 

Hermosa the chiguagua

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