Friday, November 10, 2017

Swinging on the Hook Then Off to see the Blue Angles

Viridian swung slowly all night as the north wind picked up after the front passed two days ago.  Very little rain but a noticeable drop in temperature.  Viridian was anchored at the location shown below.

Location of anchorage in Pirate's Cove (Roberts Bayou)

According to a local we met yesterday, this cove was actually used by "pirates" back in the day.  The word "Perdido" is Spanish for "Lost" or "Hidden" Bay.  Whether or not pirates actually hid here we may never know for sure, but if I were looking for a good place to hide a ship, this place would be it.

That's the news and here's the views:

We are here

Today's route form Pirate's Cove to Palafox Marina, Pensacola, FL

 Misty cool morning as we pull up anchor in Pirate's Cove and head East for Pensacola

 Definitely headed East

 Last Residents in the Great State of Alabama

 Welcome to Florida!

 We had 15 knot winds directly from the North so we got an early start to beat the fetch

 Spent 12 weeks here at NAS AOCS in 1981 under the boot of GSGT Buck Welcher

 Starting to like stern-in docking

Just a few hours from East of Pirate's Cove, Palafox Pier in Downtown Pensacola, FL

We are Here (Best internet service yet!)

Anchor needs a wash

Lunch at Shux Oyster Bar

Exploring downtown Pensacola, FL

Umbrella Sky

 Shops Everywhere

Some artwork up and down Palafox Drive in Pensacola, FL

Some weird "art" along the sidewalks

Looping Pals


Old Town Pensacola, FL

 Old Tavern Downtown Pensacola, FL

Ceiling Decorations

Fire & Water

Song Writer's Jam

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