Monday, November 20, 2017

These are a few of my favorite things

Here are a few dogs that are looping with their owners:




Gypsy (she's not on the loop but lives on a boat)

We've been in Tarpons Spring since Saturday and have enjoyed (well mostly enjoyed)  eating Greek food.  TS has the largest Greek population of anywhere in the US.

We went to a Greek market right after docking to buy olives and cheese.  We got some of the best feta we've ever eaten and a bottle of good balsamic vinegar to go with our olive oil, greek spice mixture and bread. 

Sunday morning we found a church that was a short walk so we got dressed and went to the First Baptist Church of Tarpon Springs.  We were warmly welcomed by the congregation and heard a wonderful message from Pastor Pope. Afterwards, we decided to go out for lunch at Dimitri's on the Water.  I asked our waitress what she recommended and we ordered those two dishes.  

First we had nice warm bread with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and spices


George's lunch

My Lunch 😟

We both like to try new things and I don't know what I was thinking in ordering this but I didn't expect a whole little octopus on my plate.  I tried to eat it and managed to get down 3 bites after cutting the  suction cups cut off .  The tomato sauce was really good but the image of the octopus in my mind really ruined my appetite!

Tonight we had a grouper sandwich but we ate it before we took a picture then a we went to Hella's for dessert and coffee.  

This afternoon we went shopping in Dunedin (pronounced Done Eatin'?) and Clearwater.  We took the Jolly Trolly to downtown Dunedin, then Ubered to Clearwater to Nordstrom Rack.  I've never been to a Nordstrom so I was pretty excited to get to shop there.  

Trolley ride

Nordstrom Rack

We found some nice shoes for George that are great for the boat. 

Tomorrow, we're going to anchor out south of Clearwater.

Hope you all are enjoying planning and preparing for Thanksgiving.   

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